Warm Starters

30- Koobideh* £7.99

Two skewers of grilled tender lean minced lamb.

31- Chenjeh £12.50

Succulent diced marinated lamb fillet.

32- Soltanee £13.95

One skewer of diced lamb fillet and one skewer of minced lamb.

33- Barg £12.95

Tender fillet of lamb in saffron and butter.

34- Makhsoos £13.95

One skewer of tender lamb fillet and one skewer of minced lamb.

35- Ghafghazee £11.95

Grilled skewer of diced lamb and chicken fillet, onions&peppers.

36- Joojeh(on the bone) £9.95

Whole baby chicken portioned and marinated in saffron, lemon juice and onions.

37- Joojeh* £8.95

A skewer of chicken fillet marinated in saffron, lemon juice and onions.

38- Momtaz £11.50

One skews of marinated chicken fillet and one skewer of minced lamb.

39- Shishliek £14.50

Marinated tender lamb chops.

40-2- Miniature Mix Grill to share (for four) £44.95

One Bar, one Ghafghazi, one Joojeh and three Koobidehs.

40-1- Miniature Mix Grill to share(for two) £24.95

One Chenjeh, One Joojeh and two Koobideh

41- Ghormeh Sabzi* £8.50

lamb and red kidney beans, aromatic mixed herbs and dried limes.

42- Gheymeh* £8.50

Diced lamb and split yellow peas cooked in tomato sauce.

43- Gheymeh Bademjan £9.50

Diced lamb with split yellow peas cooked in tomato sauce with sautéed aubergine.

44- Bamieh* £8.50

Lamb and okra in tomato sauce.

45- Fesenjoon £12.95

Duck in sweet and sour sauce of pomegranate and ground walnut.

46- Zereshk Polo £9.95

Braised leg of a chicken in tomato sauce with rice, barberries and pistachios.

47- Baghali Polo £12.95

Braised lamb shank, served with a dish of fragrant rice, dill and broad beans.

48- Adas Polo £9.50

Braised chicken, served with steamed rice layered with lentils and raisins infused with cinnamon.

53-Gheymeh Bademjan (V) £8.95

Split yellow peas and sautéed aubergine cooked in tomato sauce, flavour with dried limes and served with saffron rice.

54- Bamieh (V) £8.50

Okra in a cinnamon and saffron flavour tomato sauce, served with saffron rice.

58- Baghlava £3.50

Parcel of filo pastry with ground almonds and pistachios.

59-Bastani Sonnati £3.75

Saffron, rose water and pistachio flavour ice cream.

60- Paloodeh £3.75

Persian sorbet with rice vermicelli noodles, flavoured with lemon juice.

61- Makhloot £3.75

combination of Persian ice cream and sorbet(very Traditional).

62- Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream £3.75
63- Profitroles £4.50
64- Tiramisu £4.50
65- Chocolate mousse £4.50
66- Zoolbia bamieh £3.50

Deep fried sweet pastry dipped in syrup.

67- Lemmon sorbet £4.50